Cathy Sigmund, PhD

Dr. Cathy Sigmund is Professor of Psychology, Counseling & Human Services at Geneva College, and Visiting Professor, Bishop Stuart University, Mbarara, Uganda. Dr. Sigmund entered the mental health field in 1983 and has served as a licensed psychologist since 1999. She specializes in treating within, developing and evaluating culturally congruent behavioral health services to minorities and other underserved groups, including children and families victimized by violence and other crises, as well as refugees and immigrants of various diaspora. Dr. Sigmund is published, has developed curricula, consulted and provided training in a variety of settings, including public health and human service system, national and international church entities, and victim advocacy/service organizations. Dr. Sigmund also serves as a licensed Chaplain with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

Areas of Focus:
Anger, Minorities & Underserved groups, Trauma, Victim Advocacy
International Visiting Professor,
Licensed Chaplain,
Licensed Psychologist,
Professor of Psychology and Social Services At Geneva College
Clinical Psychology —
Pennsylvania State University
Clinical Psychology —
Pennsylvania State University
Psychology —
Geneva College
Christian & Missionary Alliance Chaplain

Grace Mission

American Psychological Association