The CCC works in affiliation with a number of local community agencies, churches, and organizations, as we mutually minister to those living in our communities.  These affiliations are crucial in providing the most options and opportunities for those seeking services.  We share in referrals, and share in blessing those who are seeking, as we help community members find the right agency or organization that will help fit their needs.

The CCC is privileged and grateful to be working with other organizations in the community, as we list them here.

Community Organizations

The CCC has the honor and blessing to be associated with the following organizations, agencies, and churches, all which share in mutual support as we seek to provide care to people in the surrounding community of Pittsburgh.

Allegheny Center Alliance Church

Allegheny Center Alliance Church (ACAC), besides being the church where the CCC was inspired and birthed, is a continuing support and advocate for the CCC in many ways. Many congregants of ACAC are regular donors to the CCC; the Missions department has helped fund the Grace Mission ministry to the refugees in Northview Heights; the Benevolence Fund through ACAC's Deacons has provided ongoing scholarship funds, for attendees at ACAC who qualify, to receive counseling at the CCC; ACAC has provided space for the main site of the CCC at a nominal rent since its inception; and the CCC has benefitted from many programs at ACAC.

Allegheny Health Network

Currently in the Pittsburgh community and the surrounding region, you might have to wait from 4-6 months (or even longer) to see a psychiatrist, especially for an initial evaluation. AHN and the CCC have partnered to offer CCC clients an expedited appointment for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. AHN Outpatient Psychiatry is located in the East Commons Professional Building, near Allegheny General Hospital, and near the Pittsburgh Northside CCC site.


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Extravagant Love Project

Extravagant Love Project (ELP) is a non-profit organization which mission is "to empower women from every socio-economic background with tools to unlock their God-given potential through an understanding of God's unconditional and extravagant love." They seek to transform women's lives in body, soul, and spirit. Through conferences, physical makeovers, and programs of study, ELP ushers women into healing by learning about themselves in relation to God, and using their stories to empower other in the healing process.

GRACE Mission

GRACE Mission is a missional effort initiated by Dr. Cathy Sigmund, one of the CCC counselors, and a chaplain in the Christian Missionary Alliance, (see her bio here) to minister initially to African refugees located in the Northview Heights community of Pittsburgh, but has expanded to include refugees from the Middle East and any other refugees/immigrants in the Pittsburgh area. GM has collaborated with the CCC to deliver counseling services to those refugees who have experienced great trauma in their native countries before coming to the US. GM is also associated with the Missions Department and the Church Planting effort at Allegheny Center Alliance Church. The CCC has 3 counselors, besides Dr. Sigmund, counseling only refugees through the GM project: JoAnn Westover, Program Manager; Dr. Nancy Kunsak, Psychologist; and Veta Farmer-McCoy, Counselor. For more information, please call the CCC main number for counseling referrals and leave a message: 855-222-2575.

North Side Christian Health Center

The North Side Christian Health Center (NSCHC), founded in 1993, is a non-profit community medical practice which provides physical (medical and dental) and spiritual healthcare to the local community. The CCC is a resource for counseling for clients of the NSCHC.

Pittsburgh Foundation

The Pittsburgh Foundation works to improve the quality of life in the Pittsburgh region by evaluating and addressing community issues, promoting responsible philanthropy, and connecting donors to the critical needs of the community.

Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute

Since 1964, the Pittsburgh Pastoral Institute (PPI), a non-profit organization, has sought to integrate the relationship of faith and mental health. Over the years, it has developed training for pastoral leadership, clinical treatment, and continuing education for professionals. The organization believes in the importance of spirituality in the healing process and is committed to integrating the resources of a client’s religious faith to the extent clients so desire. PPI serves the diverse faith community of Pittsburgh in all its iterations, including Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian and less clearly defined spiritualities. PPI was instrumental in helping CCC get established in 2006, when CCC became a site for PPI. The PPI therapists at CCC counsel in the Christian faith.

United Way of Pittsburgh

Support Groups

There are many support groups in the Pittsburgh community, which provide opportunities for those seeking support for a variety of issues, such as grief, addiction, and divorce.  Support groups provide a unique experience of sharing your struggles, surrounded by others who share in the same particular struggle.  The support groups listed here are those we make referrals to, typically in churches and agencies with which we have affiliation.  This is not an exhaustive list of support groups in the Pittsburgh area.

Celebrate Recovery

Support for adult men and women seeking freedom from any form of addiction (alcohol/drugs), codependency, or for parents of children with addictions.

Divorce Care

For anyone either separated, divorced, or in the process of divorcing; offering a Christian support and perspective in this difficult time.

Foster Care Support Group

Provides support and community for foster parents, and/or for anyone exploring becoming a foster parent.


Addressing the challenge of grief, processing feelings of loss from the death of a loved one, child, spouse, etc.

Graduate Student and Post-Grad Supervision

Historically, several of our licensed CCC therapists have provided internship and practicum opportunities for graduate counseling students.  The colleges and universities below have participated with us in sending students for their internships or practicums.  We do not always have a counselor available for supervision; if you have an interest, please email [email protected] for information.

We also have post-grad supervision available at times for those doing post-grad counseling hours.  Please email [email protected]  to inquire if there is any availability.

Chatham University

Duquesne University

Geneva College

Liberty University

University of Pittsburgh

Waynesburg University