As we soldier through the various phases of COVID19, consider the principle of Shalom. Jesus is known as the Prince of Shalom, in fact, it is His name.

Jehovah Shalom has won for us a blessed tranquility known as Shalom. Shalom peace may seem to defy reason during a pandemic. It was just a few months ago that we busied ourselves looking for happiness, relief, safety, and comfort.

Then came March. The threat of coronavirus and the subsequent quarantine has demanded that we examine our goals and priorities, often in solitude. In spite of uncertainty, some have found space to lean in to God and discover this type of personal and communal tranquility.

God has established a space for us to dwell in shalom which transcends circumstance and which actually compels us to participate in the well being of others. Shalom manifests in gestures of grace and kindness.

Some features of this blessed state are inner tranquility, completeness, quietness and peace. Shalom is actually about connection, too. In fact, one greets another with a hearty, “Shalom”, extending the sentiment, “I’ll be waiting for your call!”

As we continue to connect primarily through calls of one nature or another, be sure that your conversation is seasoned with salt and that you cultivate shalom- leaving others warmly anticipating your call.