The Christian Counselors Collaborative is a non-profit organization, which provides affordable and professional Christian counseling for individuals, families, couples, adolescents, and children.

We are committed to bringing compassion and heartfelt care, guided by God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, using professional tools and approaches to problems. It is our privilege and joy to see people freed from their struggles!

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Talking with someone can really help...

We all have seasons of struggle, feeling stuck, or feeling frustrated with those we love, or even with ourselves. Even as Christians, we can suffer from depression, anxiety, or conflicts in marriage.

Seeking help is not a failure of faith, but rather, an admittance of our need for Christ, and for His direction when we feel lost or broken. Talking to a trusted Christian therapist can help you find your way through the most difficult of times.

As you rely on God's truth to be that 'lamp' to your feet, and a 'light' to your path forward, you can find new ways to address life's challenges!

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Our Mission

We share a mission to minister to those struggling with emotional, psychological, and spiritual issues through counseling. Our hope is to provide affordable, professional counseling for anyone seeking guidance when facing challenging life struggles.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a professional, therapeutic setting, where belief in the healing power of the resurrected Jesus Christ can be integral to the process of therapy. Both therapist and client can freely address a spiritual walk with Christ as it relates to emotional, psychological, and spiritual brokenness within.

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Our People

As therapists who have a personal relationship and walk with Jesus Christ, we come together in this unique collaborative to serve God as a community of professional Christian therapists, dedicated to counseling clients with dignity, cultural sensitivity, and love.

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Pastoral Testimonies

Pastor Rock DillamanThe ministry of the CCC has proven to be invaluable to ACAC! We minister in a society where emotional and relational struggles are on the increase. Yet pastors who need to focus on preaching / teaching and servant leadership do not possess the time and energy necessary for effective counseling; and few churches can afford professional counselors on staff. The CCC enables us to confidently offer our people gifted and trained counsel we could not otherwise provide. That in turn points them toward the specific applications of God’s redemption needed for their broken places. I would recommend CCC without reservation!

Rock Dillaman, Allegheny Center Alliance Church

Pastor Denny KrajacicCCC has been the greatest answer to prayer I've ever had in meeting the counseling needs of our people. For the 1st time in my ministry experience, I have complete confidence that the clients I refer will get the best counseling possible. I couldn’t be more pleased with our working relationship, especially with Tom and Priscilla. I would recommend CCC to anyone with any need. They are a God-send!

Denny Krajacic, Butler Community C&MA Church

Pastor Jeff SmithWe all know that there are many moments in ministry when you are asked by a person that you know and care about from your congregation if you could please meet with them and walk with them through something they are facing. At times they bring issues that we feel we can help walk them through. There are also those moments though when they share about a big battle that they are walking through in their life and we are sitting there thinking, “This is way out of my league!” That’s been where the CCC has been such a big blessing to Neshannock Alliance Church and our staff. We have been able in those, “this is out of my league” moments, to confidently refer our church family to a solid Christian Counselor from the CCC that has both the experience and training to walk them through the personal battle they are in. This has been a huge help and blessing to us. It has lightened the load for our staff and has helped many people from both our church family as well as from our community to experience healing of Christ in their lives. We are so thankful to have partnered with the CCC.

Jeff Smith, Neshannock Alliance Church

Pastor Phil HarrisonNew Castle First Alliance is delighted to be a satellite location of the CCC. Having an easily accessible professional counselor has been a great blessing to our congregation and community! Counselor Amanda is great to work with and is a friendly, compassionate and capable counselor whom God is using. I highly recommend CCC.

Phil Harrison, First Alliance Church