We hope to answer any initial questions you may have about the CCC, or about counseling, through these FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).  If you still have questions after reading through our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions!

Do Christians ever need counseling?

Although Christians have the knowledge of truth through scripture, and we abide in the grace and love of Jesus Christ, we are also fallen creatures, in need of His healing and direction. Sometimes we need guidance in dealing with times of suffering, challenge, and distress, whether emotional, psychiatric, or spiritual. Counseling can be very helpful in this process. Needing help is not necessarily a sign of weak faith, or of a poor walk with Christ. Christ himself calls us 'who are weary and burdened' to come to Him so He can give us rest! (Matt. 11:28) Counseling can uncover new depths of relationship with Christ, with a renewed understanding of our need for Him enhancing our faith and walk.

Doesn't the Bible answer all our needs?

Indeed, the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, and has all the instruction we need. But it can help to have someone walk us through the healing process. Proverbs speaks often that gaining knowledge, understanding, and wisdom brings more 'profit' than silver or gold. Christian counseling is one way to bring understanding in difficult times. Our logo, Psalm 119:105, speaks to how scripture lights our path, giving us direction. Counseling is really a form of discipleship, helping you apply the Word in very personal ways.

What should I expect from counseling?

The therapist will want to work on goals that you define together, based on what your main concerns are. Some people come to counseling because they are suffering with a psychological, emotional, spiritual, or psychiatric condition. A few typical issues are depression, anxiety, addictions, or grief. Others come to counseling because of conflict and stress in their relationships with people they love, such as a spouse, children, or parents. You are the one to determine what you want to discuss, and how much you want to incorporate your walk with Christ into the process.

Do the therapists at the CCC share the same beliefs as I do?

All of the therapists at the CCC are born-again Christians who love Jesus Christ and desire to bring His healing to others. You are welcome to discuss spiritual perspectives with your therapist, so that you are confident in a mutual understanding of your shared beliefs.

What is meant by the word "Counselors" in "Christian Counselors Collaborative"?

The word "Counselors" in our name (Christian Counselors Collaborative) is used as a generic term, referring to the role of someone who counsels, advises, guides, mentors, or coaches, such as a mental health or relationship therapist, counselor, psychologist, etc. As of October 2018, the term "counselor", as applied to someone in independent practice, is regulated by the State of PA to mean only someone who is licensed by the state as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Since the Christian Counselors Collaborative was incorporated as a non-profit collaboration in the State of PA in 2010, we will continue to use the term "Counselors" in its generic meaning. It is not our intention to misrepresent the professional qualifications of our professional counselors, therapists, or psychologists who contract with the Christian Counselors Collaborative. You can view the credentials of each of our therapists in their online profiles on this site.

What about confidentiality?

All of the professional counselors and therapists are bound to confidentiality in their counseling with you. They cannot talk to anyone else about your counseling without your permission and knowledge. If you, your counselor, or your pastor, want the support or input of a spouse, family member, pastor, friend, or other professional (like your physician), you would have to give written permission for this. (Exceptions to the confidentiality rule are few, and include if you threaten to put yourself or anyone else in danger, or rarely, if there is a court order.)

Do I have to belong to any church to get counseling?

No, you do not have to be a member or an attendee of any church to receive counseling at a CCC location. All are welcome to receive counseling at the CCC, whether at the main location on the North Side or at any of the CCC locations.

What does it cost?

When you call our intake phone number (1.855.222.2575), Carol Landfried, our Intake Coordinator, will spend time with you, listening to your concerns, asking pertinent questions, so that we may consider the best therapist 'fit' for you, taking your input into consideration. She will also ask some financial questions, so that we can determine what your cost will be. If you have insurance, we do our best to have someone credentialed with your insurance to work with you. For those without insurance, our fees are based on income level, comparable to what is typical in the field of counseling, except that where income is limited, our fees are much more affordable. We desire that all who seek counseling will be able to receive it, so we do our best to make counseling affordable for everyone. For those who qualify, we have some limited financial support to assist in the cost of counseling. Carol Landfried will review all this with you at your intake call.