The Process of Grief–Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous blog, in the realm of counseling, there is a commonly understood process of grief. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross was a woman who spent much time researching those in hospice care who were in the process of dying, so that she could learn how we as humans approach death. She identified 5 The Process of Grief–Part 2

Grieving–Part 1

Grieving a loss is a universal experience. We all suffer pain at the loss of someone we love. And no matter how ‘prepared’ you might be (illness, service in war) you are never really ready for the actual experience and ‘finality’ of death. Why does death affect you the way it does? Although you cognitively Grieving–Part 1

…So, am I crazy?

I have been asked this question in counseling more times than I can count, and each time it surprises me. This may not be news to you, but I want to be sure you know we don’t use the term ‘crazy’ in the field of psychotherapy! The word actually was used many years ago as …So, am I crazy?

What is Christian Counseling?

The concept of ‘professional counseling’, even ‘professional Christian counseling’, is challenging to many Christians. I can appreciate any hesitancy to step into an unknown realm where you open your feelings—even your heart—to trust someone whom you do not know personally; someone who claims to be a Christian. Sharing your thoughts and feelings is often an What is Christian Counseling?