We are so thankful to have partnered with the CCC.

We all know that there are many moments in ministry when you are asked by a person that you know and care about from your congregation if you could please meet with them and walk with them through something they are facing. At times they bring issues that we feel we can help walk them through. There are also those moments though when they share about a big battle that they are walking through in their life and we are sitting there thinking, “This is way out of my league!” That’s been where the CCC has been such a big blessing to Neshannock Alliance Church and our staff. We have been able in those, “this is out of my league” moments, to confidently refer our church family to a solid Christian Counselor from the CCC that has both the experience and training to walk them through the personal battle they are in. This has been a huge help and blessing to us. It has lightened the load for our staff and has helped many people from both our church family as well as from our community to experience healing of Christ in their lives. We are so thankful to have partnered with the CCC.