Just for Today


Did you ever have that golden nugget of truth, that, when you applied it you saw instant results; yet, out of habits, or distractions you fell back into the passive, ineffective, way of approaching life? This is frustrating for anyone.

One way to keep these key truths in in your mind until they become part of your default approach to life is to review them daily. A simple method seen in recovery programs such as Overeaters Anonymous is writing in a format beginning with “Just for Today.” For example, “Just for today I will make eye contact and greet others,” or “Just for today I will pause and pray at midday.”

Sounds simple right? However, we can complicate the simplest of things. So for doing this activity I suggest that you “Keep it simple and slow (K.I.S.S.).” Here are some suggestions to help with that:

• It doesn’t have to be perfectly comprehensive of every need for change in your life. That could be too overwhelming. K.I.S.S.

• Only include those items that you know from experience are important for you and you have the desire to change now. Prayerfully come along side what the Holy Spirit is currently nudging and empowering you to do. This is a very personal transformative sanctification process that occurs throughout our lives. (Park other “good ideas” somewhere else.)

• Only include items that you continually are forgetting. Those things that you are making good progress in don’t need to clutter the reminder list.

• Use it, edit it, and refine it until you feel it is in your words, your voice, your conviction.

• “Just for Today” indicates that no matter what I did yesterday good or bad, I have today, or this very hour, to start fresh. I don’t have to feel the burden of changing everything or reaching some perfect goal. I want to progress today, and that will be enough.

As we live a life with greater awareness and intention, the intrinsic rewards will reinforce the attitude and behavioral changes. These shifts will have a more permanent nature as an alternative neurological pathway we can choose to live in and bless everyone around us.

Sample of a “Just for Today”


JFT I will live thru this day only and not tackle all my problems at once.

JFT I will save myself from two pests: Hurry and Indecision.

JFT I will have a program of spiritual and physical disciplines. I will honor my “yes’s”: my chosen values and undebatable needs, my body, and the will of the Holy Spirit.

JFT I will rest in God’s transcendent Joy, boundless Love, Serenity of His Will, and Strength of his Help.

JFT I will adapt to what is, and not force everything to adapt to my own desires. I will receive all transient internal and relational experiences with curiosity and welcoming. I will strive to enjoy something within every experience.

JFT I can cope with anything with my resources, supports, and Source of all good.

JFT I will criticize not one bit. I won’t find fault with anything, nor try to improve or regulate anybody but myself.

JFT I am not responsible to fix or like all the behavior of my loved ones. I am responsible to love and celebrate them.

JFT I will express my needs and hold my boundaries honestly.

JFT I will monitor my fears, resentments, selfishness, dishonesty, and coveting and promptly admit any wrongdoing.

JFT I will allow the Spirit of Christ to be a Conduit of love for all the pain and suffering I collect as I move thru my day. I will not carry it.

JFT I will stand tall and open and live with passion, attunement, and thoughtfulness.

-Tom Nowak, MA, LPC