Quick Relaxers

Highly Charged Scenario: The sheriff drags the trouble-making cowboy out of the bar and dunks his face in the chilly water of the horse trough. The hysterical woman’s friend throws a glass of cold water in her face, bringing her to her senses. The health/phys. ed. teacher advises his high school boys to take a Quick Relaxers

Spiritual Practices During Stressful Times These days, those of us who have practiced spiritual disciplines may be finding ourselves worrying about our prayers, being distracted, becoming fearful, or going through the motions. You know that God is the answer but find yourself feeling disconnected. If you are feeling stuck in your prayer time, distracted and Spiritual Practices During Stressful Times

Purpose in Pain

God’s Purpose in Pain When we are unbroken–that is, not conscious of our brokenness–we can believe the lie that we don’t need God.  If things seem under control and are going well, people have the tendency to suspect that it is because we are making great choices, or that we got lucky somehow, or that Purpose in Pain

1. “Of course you are!”– VALIDATION- Because the current state of the world is enough to make anyone’s brain respond in a protective way. 2. “Tell me more.” – EMPATHY- Even when you don’t know what to say, you can open the door to sharing in their experience. 3. “I’m with you in it.”– SUPPORT- 5 Things to say to a friend who experiences anxiety during the Coronavirus pandemic

Just for Today

WRITING A JUST FOR TODAY LIST OF PERSONAL MAXIMS Did you ever have that golden nugget of truth, that, when you applied it you saw instant results; yet, out of habits, or distractions you fell back into the passive, ineffective, way of approaching life? This is frustrating for anyone. One way to keep these key Just for Today

Life Lessons from the Garden

I’ve been a gardener most of my adult life. I was one of those ‘hippie types’ back in the ‘70’s, a subscriber to Organic Gardening Magazine, experimenting with bed gardening, growing things like kohlrabi and soy beans…I am now back to flower and vegetable gardening, after a number of years’ hiatus, in a large expanse Life Lessons from the Garden

In Christian counseling, I have found that three elements stand out as essential components for effective resolution for both presenting and underlying issues: Confession, Conflict, and Reconciliation. During the course of my training, I quickly identified these three to be mainstays of not only what occurs during the course of a counseling session, but also Confession, Conflict, and Reconciliation

The Lost Art of Apology

All of us have been hurt at one time or another by someone, and an insincere or insufficient apology leaves us even more discouraged. Our world overflows with public and private examples of poor apologies in politics, sports, business, church, and personal arenas.  Media critics demonstrate their own inability to distinguish a poor apology from The Lost Art of Apology

Adding Peace to Our Pace

We live in a culture that values multitasking, packed schedules, achievement, and speed. And we get bonus points when we don’t “need” a lot of sleep to make it all happen. Most of us have probably asked someone how they are doing and the response is, “busy!” Even when we bemoan how full our schedules Adding Peace to Our Pace